Discovering Canada’s Best Craft Breweries


Craft beer has exploded in popularity in recent years, with Canada being no exception. The country is home to a vibrant craft brewery scene, with new breweries popping up all the time.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of craft beer in Canada, the different types of craft beer, the best craft beer regions in the country, and the top craft breweries in Canada.


Craft beer is a beer made in a small, independent brewery using traditional brewing methods and high-quality ingredients. It’s become increasingly popular in Canada, with consumers seeking out unique and flavorful beers. The craft brewery scene in Canada is thriving, with many new breweries opening each year.

History of Craft Beer in Canada

Craft beer has a long history in Canada, dating back to the early 1980s when small breweries started to pop up across the country. These early breweries, such as Horseshoe Bay Brewery in British Columbia and Upper Canada Brewing Company in Ontario, paved the way for the craft beer movement in Canada. Since then, the industry has grown exponentially, with over 1,000 breweries in operation today.

Types of Craft Beer

Craft beer comes in many different styles and flavors, from light and refreshing lagers to dark and complex stouts. Some of the most popular styles of craft beer in Canada include India Pale Ales (IPAs), stouts, pilsners, and Belgian-style ales. The brewing process for craft beer typically involves using high-quality ingredients such as hops, malt, and yeast, and often involves adding unique flavors such as fruit or spices.

Regions with Best Craft Breweries

Canada is home to many regions with thriving craft brewery scenes. Some of the best regions for craft beer include British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Each region has its own unique characteristics, from the West Coast IPAs of British Columbia to the sour beers of Quebec.

Best Craft Breweries in Canada

There are many excellent craft breweries in Canada, each with its own distinct style and approach to brewing.

Some of the top craft breweries in the country include:

  • Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto, Ontario
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Dieu du Ciel! in Montreal, Quebec
  • Garrison Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Each of these breweries has a unique history and offers a range of delicious beers, from traditional pilsners to bold and experimental IPAs.

Brewery Tours and Tastings

One of the best ways to experience Canada’s craft brewery scene is to go on a brewery tour and tasting. Many breweries offer tours of their facilities, giving visitors a chance to see the brewing process up close and learn about the history of the brewery. Tastings are also typically included, allowing visitors to sample a range of different beers.

Food Pairings with Craft Beer

Craft beer is often paired with food, with many breweries offering food menus to complement their beer offerings. Some popular food pairings with craft beer include burgers, pizza, and spicy foods. Each beer style has its own unique food pairing, and breweries often provide suggestions for pairing their beers with different dishes.


Craft beer is a rapidly growing industry in Canada, with many exciting breweries and beer styles to explore. Whether you’re a long-time craft beer enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, there’s something for everyone in Canada’s craft brewery scene. From the West Coast IPAs of British Columbia to the sour beers of Quebec, the country offers a range of unique and delicious beers.


For more information on Canada’s craft beer scene, check out these resources:

  • The Canadian Craft Brewers Association
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