10 Must-Know Canadian Slang Terms

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The loonie is a nickname for the Canadian one-dollar coin, which features an image of a common loon on the reverse side. The term “loonie” is a play on the word “loon” and is widely used in Canada.


“Two-four” is a Canadian slang term for a case of 24 beers. This term is often used when referring to beer runs or parties where alcohol is served.


A toque is a warm knitted hat that is commonly worn in Canada during the winter months. The term “toque” is unique to Canada and is rarely used in other English-speaking countries.


Poutine is a popular Canadian dish that consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. This comfort food originated in Quebec but has since spread across the country.


A double-double is a popular coffee order in Canada that consists of two creams and two sugars. The term is most commonly used when ordering from the popular coffee chain Tim Hortons.


A Mickey is a small bottle of liquor that contains 375 milliliters of alcohol. This term is often used in Canada when referring to alcohol in smaller bottles.


The term “Canuck” is a slang term used to refer to Canadians or Canadian sports teams. It is often used in a positive and endearing way.


A chesterfield is a Canadian term for a sofa or couch. This term is rarely used outside of Canada and is believed to have originated in England.


Timmies is a popular nickname for Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee and fast food chain. The term is commonly used when referring to the chain’s products or locations.


A tuque is a warm knitted hat that is similar to a beanie. This term is used in Canada and is rarely used in other English-speaking countries.

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